Our dentists offer safe, quick digital dental x-rays

digital dental x-raysAt our family and cosmetic dentistry office, we have invested in cutting-edge digital radiography equipment to replace traditional x-rays. This not only makes having x-rays taken a much faster process, it makes it safer too as the radiation from our equipment is significantly lower.

When do I need a digital dental x-ray?

Dental x-rays are detailed pictures of the structures in your mouth which are used to reveal any oral health problems that cannot be seen in a visual examination. With a detailed set of x-rays, your dentist can see any cavities or bone loss. Your dentist will also be able to see teeth that have not yet come through the gums, an important aspect of your child’s development that your dentist can monitor for any complications.

Advantages of digital dental x-ray technology

  • Safe for children and adults: The amount of radiation emitted by the digital x-ray process is very low, making it safe for everyone – even children.
  • More accurate images: The quality of these images is much higher than traditional x-rays, helping your dentist to get an even better idea of your oral health.
  • Early treatment: With these images, your dentist is able to pick up even the smallest problems before they become painful and expensive to treat, preserving your oral health.
  • Quick: These images are transferred directly onto a screen, so there’s no need to wait for the film to be processed before your teeth can be examined – everything is right there at your dentist’s fingertips.
  • Accurate records: By keeping these images safely on file, they can easily be called up at your next appointment in order to monitor the progress of your treatment. They also provide a good reference for insurance companies that require you to go through an evaluation process before approving treatment.

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