Leading Ultrasonic Scaler Procedures
Leading Ultrasonic Scaler Procedures

When it comes to cleaning your teeth, there are few dental instruments as effective at taking care of your teeth’s cleaning than the ultrasonic scaler. Many family dentists use the ultrasonic teeth cleaning equipment to help keep their patients’ oral health in check.

Using this cutting edge technology will help to flush away and disrupt bacteria in the mouth in the very difficult to reach areas where the toothbrush might not be able to reach. Aside from this, the ultrasonic scaler will also help to whiten moderately stained teeth.

Different Types of Ultrasonic Scalers Used by Distinctive Dentistry

There are two types of ultrasonic scalers at present:

  • The magnetostrictive
  • The piezoelectric

Both of these scalers function similarly, by using electromagnetic forces to vibrate the small tips at a very high speed.

When used by a seasoned dentist or dental hygienist, this powerful technology will provide the patient with many great benefits. Using its hard tip, the ultrasonic scaler will rapidly and easily remove tartar buildup and rough stains from the teeth’s surface. This also means far less time for the patient in the dental chair.

Distinctive Dentistry uses cutting edge high tech dentistry technology to benefit our valued patients. Our team of experienced family dentists offers ultrasonic scaler procedures where appropriate to allow our patients to benefit from this technology.

To learn more about ultrasonic scaler technology and to benefit from our many other high tech dentistry procedures, contact Distinctive Dentistry today.