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Distinctive Dentistry is a leading family and cosmetic dental office with a long history of providing excellent dental care, including tooth bonding to our patients in Fife, Tacoma, Federal Way, and the surrounding communities.

If you need help with treatment of decayed teeth or to restore a broken tooth, then tooth bonding may be the best course of treatment. Tooth bonding makes use of tooth-colored materials to replace the tooth’s missing structure, restoring the tooth’s functionality and appearance.

Composite resin, a tooth-colored material containing glass and plastic, is used in tooth bonding because of its  strength, translucency and durability. The composite resin is applied to the tooth and then hardened with a special light which bonds chemically and mechanically to the existing tooth.

Our passion for providing excellent dental care to our patients is evident in every area of our dental practice. If you would like to explore this treatment course and want more information on tooth bonding, then contact Distinctive Dentistry to make an appointment.

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Bonding TacomaTooth Bonding Tacoma WA