Effective Oral Cancer Screenings from Distinctive Dentistry

Even though oral cancer may not receive the same amount of attention as other types of cancers, statistics show that one person dies of oral cancer in the U.S. each hour. Oral cancer screenings in Federal Way will ensure your dentist detects the first signs of oral cancer and thus increase your chances of survival.

This is a dangerous type of cancer. If undiagnosed and it progresses to an advanced stage, the prognosis can be uncertain. With an effective oral cancer screening you will be doing your part to keep your familyhealthy.

How can Distinctive Dentistry’s Oral Cancer Screenings Help You?

At Distinctive Dentistry our team of seasoned family dentists will provide you and your family with frequent oral cancer screenings. They will also discuss the importance of keeping up with your oral screenings throughout the year.

A thorough screening for oral cancer also forms part of your routine dental exam and your experienced family dentist will help you easily take care of this part of your treatment. During the screening your dentist will examine your lips, tongue and the inside of your mouth, to check for any white or red patches as well as any unusual sores, making sure your family is safe and healthy.

To book your oral cancer screening from your Distinctive Dentistry family dentist, contact Distinctive Dentistry to book your appointment.