Invisalign Tacoma WA

Millions of people have turned to Invisalign® to transform their smiles, improve their confidence, outlook, and overall function of their teeth. This popular alternative to wire braces uses a series of transparent, plastic aligners to gently straighten teeth. This approach is comfortable, removable, causes minimal disruption to your everyday life, and perhaps best of all – nearly invisible! Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing the aligners.

Dr. Phillips is specially trained in Invisalign® treatment including treatment planning and evaluating which patients are viable candidates for this procedure. In general, this is how the process works.

At the diagnostic appointment, our team takes X-rays, photographs, and digital dental impressions to develop a treatment plan. A 3-D computerized image will show the patient a virtual representation of the treatment stages that move the teeth from their current to final, desired position.  A laboratory uses the computer model and Dr. Phillips’ treatment plan to precisely mill a series of plastic, BPA-free aligners.

The number of aligners in the series can range from 6 to 48, depending on the patient’s needs. The patient removes the aligners to eat, brush, and floss, but generally wears each aligner in the treatment series for 2-3 weeks, at 20-22 hours daily. The aligners incrementally move the teeth, little by little, into the desired position.  Patients have regular check-ups with Dr. Phillips to evaluate progress, typically at 6-week intervals.

When treatment, which averages 13 months, is complete, a retainer at night helps to maintain the final tooth position.

Invisalign® has very little impact on your day-to-day activities, but can result in a big impact on your smile. It is simple, affordable, and comfortable. Are you ready for a new smile?