How to make Family Dentistry exciting for your child


Does your child always kick up a fuss when having to visit the dentist? Children’s dentistry can be fun and easy for your child when you approach it correctly. There is no need for you to struggle to get your child into the dentist’s chair any longer.

Getting them to visit a Family dentist or is your first step to getting them to relax when they visit the dentist. family dentist are not only experts in whole family dentistry, but they also know how to handle the jitters that kids have about settling down in the chair.

Here are a few ways you can get your whole family excited about visiting the dentist:

  • Get some cool dental gear: How about taking your child shopping for a cool toothbrush with a fun handle? Letting your child choose their own toothbrush will be extra fun and can spur additional engagement from them. Choosing a fun and tasty toothpaste will also make it easier for you to get them brushing at night.
  • Talk about what to expect: Talk up the aspects of visiting the dentist, such as the cool equipment the family dentistry will use, how your child will grow up to have a strong and beautiful smile and visiting the dentist is a cool thing.

These are only a few of the many ways you can get your child excited about children’s dentistry in Puyallup. Contact Distinctive Dentistry to learn more about our children’s and family dentistry services and how we can help protect your child’s oral health.