Digital Radiography

Our cosmetic and family dental practice offers a range of digital radiography services that assist in detecting and diagnosing oral health issues. Using a small digital device, your dentist is able to comfortably and quickly capture detailed images of your teeth and oral tissues without having to use expensive, time consuming traditional methods.

We offer the following digital radiography services:

  • X-Rays: This advanced x-ray process exposes patients to very little radiation while producing very high quality images, making examinations safer, quicker and more accurate.
  • Panoramic Digital Imaging: These x-ray images show a much wider view of a patient’s mouth, jawbone, joints and sinuses to reveal tooth impactions, infections, bone health and tumors.
  • Computed Tomography: Also known as a dental CT or cone beam computed tomography. This is a process where the dentist can create a full 3D image of a patient’s dental structures, which makes it easier to examine soft tissues, nerves, bones and teeth in great detail, all in a single scan.

As part of our dedication to providing our patients with the best and most comfortable treatments, these highly advanced dental radiography services are offered to help you achieve your oral health goals. Our dental team will explain all treatment and diagnosis options in advance so that you are comfortable with the procedure, while also allowing you to make an informed dental health decision.

For more information on any of these services or to book an appointment with Dr. Phillips, please contact us today.