Digital Dental Impressions (Itero)

Before the use of digital dental impressions, dentists had to make molds of teeth needing to be crowned or “capped,” as it is often called. It involved the use of putty that was required to remain on the teeth for a specified amount of time; usually 5 minutes! Many patients with strong gag reflexes have feared this step in dental procedures for years.

Now, thanks to cutting edge technological advancements, quality digital impressions of teeth can now be made using an iTero Intraoral Scanner. Dr. Phillips uses a handheld scanner, similar to a digital camera, to create 3D dental impressions and transfer them directly to the computer.  This is used to fabricate a custom mold which then is used to create the custom crown for the patient. No more messy putty!

How Do You Benefit from Digital Dental Impression Technology Offered by Distinctive Dentistry?

Dental patients benefit from this technology because it is far more comfortable to use than the previous technique. The patient and the dentist will also receive immediate feedback as to whether any changes need to be made during the tooth restoration procedures.

The passion we have for the dental industry is evident in all we do. If dental care from professionals who have current technology and many years of experience is important to you and your family,  contact Distinctive Dentistry to book your appointment today.