Professional computed tomography services offered by Distinctive Dentistry
computed tomography services

Computed tomography is an advanced digital dental x-ray technology that our dental practice offers as part of our digital radiography services. Also known as dental cone beam computed tomography, this is a scan that creates a detailed 3D image of your entire facial structure, from your teeth and soft tissues to your nerves, bone structure and sinuses.

When would I require a computed tomography scan?

These are fairly specialized scans that are required in certain situations, including:

  • Planning for a surgery: If you are going to undergo dental surgery, this scan will help your doctors understand exactly what the problem is and how far it extends in order to develop the best possible surgical strategy.
  • Dental implants: This scan gives your dentist a highly detailed image of your jawbone, helping to ensure that dental implants are placed as accurately as possible.
  • Evaluation: If you have a health complication that affects your sinuses, nerve canals, jaw and/or nasal cavity, this scan will help to diagnose the problem and develop a sound treatment plan.
  • Tumors: This scan will help your doctor to detect, measure and treat jaw tumors.

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