The first step toward a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment. Please contact our office by phone or complete an online appointment request.

Patient Forms

If you are a new patient to our office, please visit our Patient Forms page to download our new patient bundle with forms that will need to be filled out when you arrive at our office. Printing them, filling them out and bringing them with you will allow us to attend to your needs more quickly than completing them on your arrival.  Thank you and please contact our office if you have any questions at all.

Financial Information
The cost of your treatment will depend on your individual needs and treatment plan. We will discuss the cost and each available payment plan option before you begin treatment so that you can make the best choice for your personal situation.

In our continued commitment to provide the highest quality dental care available to all our patients and to make those services affordable, we are pleased to offer you these options for payment:

  • Care Credit (outside financing that offers up to 6 months no interest options)
  • Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • 5% courtesy for patients with no insurance and paying with cash or check at the time of service, (debit does not apply)

For patients using insurance, we will collectthe ESTIMATED patient portion at the time of service.  We will determine your total account responsibility after all insurance claims are processed by your carrier.

Are you familiar with your dental insurance plan?
With constant insurance changes we encourage you to become familiar with your dental benefits. Please understand that no plan is a pay all. Dental insurance is meant to be an aid to help functionally restore the mouth to sound dental health. It must be considered only as a subsidy for reconstructive dentistry.

Your dental insurance is based upon a contract made between your employer and an insurance company. Many routine dental services are not covered by insurance companies. Necessary treatment may not be a covered benefit. It is also important for you to know that a procedure that was once covered may not always be covered. Treatment plans are determined by your doctor’s diagnosis of treatment needed, NOT by insurance coverage.

What does allowable amount mean?
Insurance seldom pays 100% of what providers charge anymore. The “Allowable Amount” is the fee that an insurance company will pay for a given service. Sometimes the allowable amount is based on a negotiated “Fee Schedule.” Sometimes it is based on the “Usual and Customary Charge” for providers in a given geographic area. You may receive a statement with a residual balance after insurance pays as we do not know the allowable amounts for all insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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